The injured suspect was wheeled away on a extender under heavy security, Ending a 50 hour manhunt that followed two explosions in which, Almost astonishingly, none was killed. resident, Had made at soccer jerseys cheap
least three months long trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan massive. For Pakistan recently and was intercepted by officials Monday in the United Arab Emirates, Where investigators were attempting nfl pro shop
to see whether she had been aware of her husband’s plans. right at
this moment, the course notes said, it appears that Rahami was a one man operation a prolific one, Having made and raised the bombs himself.

“There is no other person that we are looking for at this time. But vigilance is called for, chicago Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

What we know so far about chicago and New jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Matt Pearce

through a shootout onMonday, Policecaptured a man they suspect of professionally several bombs over the weekendinNew York and New jersey.

Republic presidential candidate Donald Trump seized upon the case to reiterate his support for racial profiling of Muslims. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton questioned whether technology companies were doing everything possible to detect terrorists online and undermine recruiting efforts. General assembly, Used the occasion to praise American tenaciousness.

“Americans have to carry out their lives without giving in to fear, president obama said. on the outside of a bar in Linden.

“at that time, Rahami in a flash produced a handgun and shot the officer in the torso, Striking him in his sterile vest, Prosecutors said in a statement.

“Additional patrol officers responding to the scene engaged Rahami in an exchange of gunfire that ended when Rahami was shot many times outside of an auto repair shop on East Elizabeth Avenue, Several blocks west of where he was initially approached,

The police officer shot in the vest and an officer who was hit in the head with a bullet fragment were not seriously injured.